Treasure Island
(adapted from R.L.Stevenson's Treasure Island)
Shiver me timbers... we have Jim Lad, Billy Bones
and Long John Silver in a sing-a-long puppet show
designed for schools and festivals

Recommended ages 4 and over

When old Billy Bones dies, he leaves Jim a treasure map. The map shows an island far out to sea. Jim's friend Squire Trelawney gets them a ship called the Hispaniola and some sailors. So they set off on the big adventure to find the island. There are lots of men on board the ship. One of them, called Long John Silver, has a noisy, scruffy parrot.

Jim finds out that Long John Silver and some of the other men are pirates who want to steal the ship and the treasure. There is a big fight. One pirate takes the ship and another pirate has the treasure map. Now Jim must find a way to rescue the ship and get the treasure.

Sing-a-long with the sea shanties and enjoy these great characters on their big adventure.

This show comes with optional workshops such as parrot-puppet-making (see Schools page for more details)
Promoters tech specs available on request.
E-mail or Phone 07716 111 585


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