Sedna; Skeleton Story

for adults and children aged 7 and over

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A fairy tale of the northern nights, spanning the realms of land, air, ocean and invisibility. Sedna's childhood longing to be special, leads to a terrible, stinking nest and a tragic drowning. Now she must trade power for trust if she is to ever find peace in her heart.

Mini Facts

The Bird of Prey - Gyrfalcon (pronounced Jurh-falcon)
Falco rusticolus
Mainly resident around the Arctic coasts and Northern Islands- has been spotted in the Western Isles of Scotland. Colour varies from all-white to dark brown plumage; mostly paler in Greenland and Iceland. The largest of the falcons, the wingspan can measure between 110cm to 130 cm (approximately 4 feet). They nest on high mountains or cliff faces. Gyrfalcon feed on other birds and mammals. In the middle ages, only a King could hunt with a Gyrfalcon.
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Sedna; Skeleton Story Drum-Making
We made an Inuit-style drum for the show, with Henry Fosbrooke
( We made the first ash-wood layer:

Sedna, Skeleton Woman - Creative Process

1. Chris's wooden puppet-making

2. Shadows

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