Having great fun with
the Christmas workshops.

So many creative children!
Take a look at some of the school images:
Kirkhill Primary School made great masks and sang Jingle Bells really well!
Bridgend Primary School made more happy masks and beautiful crowns with gifts for the nativity story
And more unique masks by the cheerful little ones at Avoch!


KMbridgendSantasKMBridgendSantaKMBridgendCrowns1KMbridgendbabyKMbridgendboxesKMbridgendCrown3KMbridgendCrown2KMbridgendCrown4FriBridgendDSCF3280FriBridgendDSCF3281FriBridgendDSCF3290FriBridgendDSCF3295AvochSanta1Avoch santa2a

Avoch Santa 3Avoch Reindeer 2

Avoch Reindeer1 Merry ChristmasBlacksmall

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